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Meet The Locals

Meet The Locals

Our Blueline paddling routes offer views of the diverse and rich Florida ecosystems. From the mangroves trees high above to the sea grass below, there are many native creatures you may encounter along the way! Here is a look at some of our favorite locals we hope you'll meet.

Florida Manatee

One of our state's most unique creatures is the Florida Manatee aka the Sea Cow! These gentle giants can grow to be 13-feet long, weighing more than 3,500 pounds and can live for an estimated 50 years in the wild. In the winter months, hundreds of these creatures gather in the warm shallow waters of our coastlines. These slow moving mammals are threatened by the increased boater collision; Therefore, they are placed on the threatened FWC list. On your paddle you may see no-wake zones to protect the Florida Manatee! If you are lucky enough to encounter a manatee, we ask that you enjoy viewing from a distance to not disturb the animal. 

Sea Turtles 

There are 5 species of sea turtles that can be found off the coast of Florida! While the Loggerhead sea turtle is the most common off our coastline, the Green sea turtle is the most likely species that you will meet along your paddle. These small turtles are primarily vegetarian and can be spotted in shallow waterways munching on sea grasses! Did you know that Palm Beach County is one of the most densely populated sea turtle nesting beaches in the world? Each year, thousands of turtles return to our beaches to mate and lay their eggs. Like the Manatee, these creatures are protected by the FWC as endangered species. 

River Otters 

Recently, our dock has been visited by a family of three juvenile River Otters! These curious creatures have even made it as far as crossing the road to come say hi to the customers of the shop. 



Finally, don't forget to look up! Our waterways are home to many different species of birds like Herons, Egrets, Hawks, Pelicans, Ospreys, and many more. In Fullerton Island, there is an abundant population of Ospreys that can often be seen flying and chirping about in the nests.


All photos by Jeff Beige Photography

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