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Paddleboard and Kayak Rentals in Jupiter, Florida

Paddleboard and kayak rentals are available 7 days a week.

Explore Unforgettable Water Adventures in Jupiter, Florida with Blueline Surf & Paddle Co.

Are you prepared to embark on unforgettable water adventures in the heart of Jupiter, Florida? Your search ends here with Blueline Surf & Paddle Co. Our daily paddleboard and kayak rentals promise an unforgettable experience for beginners, families, or groups of friends.

Rental hours are 9 am - 4 pm.

Walk-ins are welcome.

Reservations are strongly encouraged. Call to make yours today 561.744.7474.

Paddlers must be 18+ or be accompanied by someone 18+

Paddleboard Rental Pricing
$20 per hour

Kayak Rental Pricing
Single Kayaks
$20 per hour

Double Kayaks
$40 per hour

What To Wear & What To Bring

Ensure you prioritize packing sunscreen and maintaining proper hydration during your paddle! Should you happen to forget these essentials, don't worry, as we offer numerous options of sunscreen at our store. Moreover, a conveniently located water dispenser is available for refilling your bottles.

Regarding your attire, many of our visitors opt for a swimsuit, often accompanied by a cover-up or UV shirt. Don't neglect the importance of wearing a hat for added sun protection. As you embark on your paddleboarding and kayaking adventures, you'll be going barefoot, with the irresistible temptation of a refreshing dip in the water!

It's important to keep in mind that any items you bring with you on the water may become wet. To safeguard your phones and personal belongings, we have dry bags available for purchase."