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About a decade ago the VOT Pride Skull started to appear on the backs of people’s cars, on street signs, surfboards and skateboards. This new symbol for the VOT was the brainchild of a local graphic designer, surfer, artist, Robert “Beavis” Evans. Unfortunately when Evans left Tequesta for a career opportunity his iconic skull slowly started to disappear as well.  For those that remember, you’ll be happy to hear we pinned Beavis down after years of begging and teamed up to bring the VOT Pride Skull back to life. Let’s get this party started....again!


Born out of the neighborhood gangs of the VOT.  Building backyard half-pipes or BMX ramps in the streets, going on surfing and fishing adventures, BB guns to bows and arrows, that is what the VOT is all about!  Whether you grew up here or just rolled into the village, throw 'em up and show your VOT Pride!

                                                  - Ben McClain