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TNRL Summer Series Recap & Looking Ahead to Winter Series

TNRL Summer Series Recap & Looking Ahead to Winter Series

After a lively 26 weeks (April - Oct.), the TNRL Summer Paddle Season has officially come to a close. We would like to thank everyone who came out each week, rain or shine, to participate in our community paddle. Over 50+ paddlers gathered weekly to join in on the fun as beginners, world-class paddlers, families with children, and vacationers. 

Our growing community makes this event possible and leaves a lasting impression on newcomers. From the team at Flying Fish Board Co. encouraging racers to push their abilities to the children and families playing on the dock, all of you are the driving force behind TNRL. 

We are very fortunate to have friends who support TNRL beyond the water. Guanabanas Waterfront Restaurant and Bar provides the perfect spectator experience with seats and tables front-row to the action; viewers enjoy the delicious food and drinks from the best seat in the house. 

Additionally, Guanabanas hosts the weekly paddle after party where participants receive a free beverage from one of our generous sponsors. Cigar City's delicious Jai Lai and Costa Tequila were on the menu for the first part of the season. Meanwhile, Atoll Vodka, Nutrl Seltzer, and Kona Brewing's Big Wave were choices for the second half. Our good friends at Southern Eagle Distributing provide drink tickets, educate about drink choices, and quench our paddler’s thirst.  

If you are interested in becoming a part of the TNRL crew you don't need to wait till next season. We have a handful of upcoming events that will get you in the spirit! Join us for our upcoming Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Holiday Paddle. These Saturday events are centered around community, fun, and paddling. 

Ready to get competitive? Beginning January 6th, we are hosting a 3-week Winter Race Series for those looking to push their limits and race against the pros.

Photo Credit: Florida Girl Photos, Lisa M Bee

Lenin Henderson - 19 Mar 2024 @ 09:39
Great community

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