Jump on the water with one of our fun and very skilled paddleboard instructors and receive an in-depth learning experience about our favorite water activity.  Learn and master your paddling technique, how to stand up on your board to achieve maximum glide and speed, how to get back onto your board if you happen to take that refreshing plunge into the waters below, helpful hints on the best time of day and best places to paddle around the area, and so much more. 

Package includes:

1 hour in-depth paddleboard instruction

1 hour free paddle on your own

And a whole lot of fun!


Prices are as follows:

$75 - Individual lesson

$40 - 2 to 3 person lesson

$35 - 4+ person lesson

Reservations required. 

Please make a reservation at least one day in advance. Call the shop to set up a lesson! 561.744.747